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| 1 minute read

What is Mediation and is it the right choice for you? – Doughty Street’s Mediators

Hear Doughty Street’s Mediators explain how the process of Mediation works, how this may benefit you or your clients, and the criteria you should consider when choosing a Mediator.

The main aim of our Mediators is to help you resolve your dispute without the need to go to court. In this informative video, our Mediators cover:

  • What Mediation is and whether it's the right choice for you.
  • How and when to start a Mediation, how long will it takes.
  • Whether a Mediation resolution is legally binding.
  • Options for online and face-to-face Mediation.
  • Mediator selection criteria.
  • Tips on how to get the best out of Mediation and much more.

Doughty Street’s panel of Mediators are barristers from various DSC practice teams who focus on mediation and conflict resolution.

Our Mediators combine the legal acuity and commitment to parties’ needs that is the hallmark of DSC with impartiality and independence born of experience and training.

Building on their strengths, including an unrivalled capacity to promote effective communication and develop consensus between parties, they also bring experience, commitment and above all creativity and innovation in their approach.

Find out more about our the DSC Mediation team here.


mediation, community care, employment, inquests, personal injury, clinical negligence