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Appealcast by Paul Taylor KC – Episode 1: A Decade of Legal Gamechangers

Baroness Helena Kennedy KC introduces the first episode of Appealcast, an occasional podcast from the Doughty Street Chambers Criminal Appeal Unit in which we discuss the law and procedure relating to criminal appeals.

In this episode – A Decade of Legal Gamechangers – we look at a selection of appeal cases that have changed the legal landscape in the last decade since the last edition of Taylor on Criminal Appeals.

Paul Taylor KC, Edward Fitzgerald KC, Emma Goodall KC, Pippa Woodrow, and Daniella Waddoup discuss procedural changes in the CACD, appealing against a conviction based on a guilty plea, abuse of process, Endrochat, fresh evidence, Jogee, good character, jury irregularities, and sentencing issues relating to mentally disordered offenders, young adults and children.

Several times a year we also publish The Criminal Appeals Bulletin which contains case summaries and comments on recent decisions from appellate courts in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and the Caribbean.

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criminial appeals, criminal law, crime