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Taylor on Criminal Appeals (3rd edition)

I am delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of the third edition of Taylor on Criminal Appeals.

It can be purchased in hard copy or e-book at a 30% discount.

The book was written by a team including 14 members of Doughty Street Chambers, Professor David Ormerod, Nichola Higgins, Paul Jarvis, and Rajiv Persad (Trinidad and Tobago). It is an essential tool for those confronted with a potential criminal appeal or judicial review, and provides a detailed guide to the practice and procedure.

The first two editions were cited variously in judgments of the House of Lords, Privy Council, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland, Final Court of Appeal in Hong Kong, Court of Appeal of New Zealand, High Court of Fuji, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, and Caribbean Court of Justice.

Lord Hodge, Deputy President of the Supreme Court, wrote in the foreword to the third edition:
“…At a time when the criminal justice system faces these significant difficulties, it is especially important that practitioners should have a reliable and comprehensive guide to the com­plexities of the criminal appellate system so that they can play their role in avoiding or rem­edying miscarriages of justice. …
The courts will be assisted by this updated work, and I expect to see it cited before long in the Supreme Court or the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. …
Paul Taylor and his fellow contributors are to be congratulated for providing this guidance which I do not doubt will assist practitioners in their important work in the interests of justice.”

For more details of the book and the #doughtystreet Criminal Appeals unit see

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