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Responses to The Law Commission Criminal Appeals Issue Paper

London, United Kingdom - February 1 2022: Royal Courts Of Justice, High Court, exterior view.

In July 2023 the Law Commission released a paper seeking views on the law about appeals in criminal cases. The Criminal Appeals: Issues paper is a superb document. It provides a detailed analysis of the existing criminal appeal system and calls for evidence on whether reform is or might be necessary. At this stage the Law Commission called for a response to the Issues paper. A full consultation project will follow next year.

I was honoured to be asked to assist the excellent Bar Council Law Reform Committee with its response. It can be found here.

In addition, I was delighted to produce a separate response (attached to this post) with my brilliant DSC colleagues Edward Fitzgerald KC and Kate O’Raghallaigh

For more information on the work of the DSC Criminal Appeals Unit see our dedicated appeal page or contact the criminal clerks. 



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