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Criminal Appeals Bulletin - Issue 57

Welcome to the latest edition of the DSC Criminal Appeals Bulletin.

The Bulletin is aimed at assisting those involved in appellate work in England & Wales, Northern Ireland and the Caribbean.

In this edition we look at the latest appeal cases from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal, the Privy Council, and from the Caribbean appellate courts. The issues covered include hearsay, victim trafficking, fresh evidence, abuse of process, insanity, retrials, criticism of trial lawyers, fair trial, the mandatory death penalty in Trinidad, and gunshot residue evidence.

The citations of the cases are hyperlinked to the judgements.

We are delighted to welcome Amanda Clift-Matthews to DSC. Amanda is an appellate specialist in crime and human rights, with a particular focus on the Caribbean and hearings before the Privy Council. She joined DSC from the Death Penalty Project where she was in-house counsel. (See her report and commentary on the Chandler case).

DSC Criminal Appeal Unit

Doughty Street has some of the most experienced appellate practitioners at the Bar, including the contributors to the leading works on appellate procedure – Blackstones Criminal Practice (appeals section), Halsbury’s Laws (Appeals) and the Criminal Appeal Handbook.

The third edition of Taylor on Criminal Appeals is due for publication shortly.

Please feel free to email Matt Butchard  or Marc Gilby or call our crime team on 0207 400 9088 to discuss instructing us in appeal cases. We also offer our instructing solicitors a free Advice Line, where they can discuss initial ideas about possible appeals, at no cost to them or their client. More information on our criminal appeal services can be found on the Criminal Law and Appeals page of our website including links to back copies of the Bulletin and other resources.

Read the May issue below.


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