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| 1 minute read

New Network for Community Care & Child Rights Lawyers Launched

Doughty Street Chambers was delighted to host last night's launch of the Network for Community Care Law for Children and Young People.

An initiative instigated by Oliver Studdert (Simpson Millar), Chris Callender (Steel & Shamash) and Laura Janes (The Howard League), the new Network aims to bring together Community Care specialists working for children and young people, with the goal of improving access to justice.

The Network hopes to make it easier for children in need to access expert and speedy advice, to provide peer support and to encourage practitioners to help improve law and practice. 

The launch of this long-needed initiative coincided with the publication of a new report by the Howard League, "More than a roof overhead" on the unmet and poorly understood needs of children leaving custody.

Laura Janes closed the launch event with a call to action:  "It shouldn't still be a fight to get children the care they're entitled to.  It's time to get together & make things easier for the young people that need our help."

All community care practitioners working to secure better treatment for children and young people were encouraged to sign up, show their support and spread the word.

You can read more about the Network, here.

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The law is clear that no child or care leaver should go without their needs being met. But many children and young adults don't get the support they need and don’t know what to do about getting it.


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