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Immigration Bill 2015: Changes to local authority support for those without leave to remain

The Immigration Bill 2015 is at report stage in the House of Lords. The Bill makes sweeping changes to the support currently available for former looked after children, and for families with children.

Families with no immigration status, or who are Zambrano carers, will no longer be eligible for accommodation and/or financial assistance under section 17 ChildrenAct 1989. Instead, the Immigration Bill codifies the provision of support by setting out a new statutory scheme under paragraph 10A of Schedule 3 Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 that will enable local authorities to provide accommodation and financial support only when specific circumstances apply.

Former looked after children, who have no immigration status when they turn 18, will be excluded from receiving: accommodation, financial support, contact, a personal adviser, a pathway plan, funding for education or training, 'staying put' with foster carers and any other assistance under sections 23C,23CA, 23CZA, 23D, 24A or 24B of the Children Act 1989 (leaving care provisions).​